Carpet flooring facts

Carpet flooring is one of the most popular installations. There are some myths and misconceptions that won’t go away, so we’re here to set the record straight once and for all. These are some facts.

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Carpet style

You need to understand the pile. There's high, with the long, loose fibers of shag or frieze. Low has short tightly woven fibers like a Berber or loop. Saxony falls somewhere in the middle and has so many looks it will fit into any decor. Color palettes are always expanding. Patterning is digital, thanks to modern technology. A digital pattern goes all the way through the fiber, as opposed to sitting at the tips, resulting in a more lively image. Talk to your carpet retailer and tell him or her exactly where you plan to use it so you can be guided to the right one.

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Save on your heating bills

Wisconsin winters are cold, wet, and snowy, with temperatures hovering at 11 or 26 degrees--or lower. Carpet retains heat, keeping you warm and comfortable in winter. It works the other way, too. It retains coolness in summer if your room is already chilly.

Other facts include:

  • Yes, you can have a rug even if you have allergies or asthma. Pollutants and particles get trapped into the fibers where they remain until the carpet is deep cleaned. This also improves indoor air quality.
  • No worries if you have pets or messy kids who spill. Technology has provided rugs with extra durability and stain resistance. There’s plenty of traction so if anyone runs they can slow at corners. If the kids fall, it’s a lot less painful on a soft surface.

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