Cabinet & countertop installation


Installing cabinets and countertops

It's often said in the flooring industry that installation is as important, if not more so than the actual product. The same holds for cabinets and countertops. They set the tone of a room and become a focal point. They also keep us organized, providing storage and workspace.

Interior Designs is a 40-year-old company and we want you to consider us your one-stop shopping source. We have a full flooring inventory with a staff of highly skilled installers and carpenters. Communication is a must, so we keep you in the loop all the way through, from the order to the delivery process and the time frame. We have a wide assortment of all types, styles, colors, and patterns, so if you're looking for cabinet and countertop installation services in Holmen, WI, look no further than us.

What to look for in a cabinet installer

It's ideal to have the purchase, measuring, and installation all from the same company. We carry some very well-known brands and we're familiar enough with the items to know exactly what is needed. When you purchase from one location and then hire the installers from another, there isn't enough familiarity. Mistakes are often made and installation costs go way up. Even one inch can make a big difference.

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Countertop installation

Knowledge and experience are critical; the installer has to be able to spot potential problems and head them off. If they do occur, he or she will know how to fix them. There are many countertop materials, ranging from tile to solid surfacing and laminate. Stainless steel is also big this year.

Stone is one of the most popular materials, and it adds both visual interest and value to your home. The fabrication process is complicated. First, the quarried slab is laid out so the installer can inspect for flaws and blemishes. Then it needs to be cut, shaped, strengthened, and polished. The installer needs to be sure the veinings and colorings all line up correctly and that the edges are properly placed.

For more information about our cabinets and countertops products and services, visit our showroom in Holmen, WI. We service Holmen, La Crosse, Onalaska, West Salem, WI, and La Crescent, MN. Be sure to ask about our design consultations and estimates.


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